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    What the hell do they do? Producers

    This is the first in a series of posts that will define and highlight different job positions in the film industry. We are starting this monthly series with the Producer job because a) it’s the focus of this whole website and b) it’s probably the job that the most people can’t really explain what the hell they do! The simple answer I often give is Producers make it all happen. Without a producer you really can’t get a project done. Have you ever tried to make a film without a producer? It doesn’t work. I guess I’m a little biased but I’ve watched directors try to direct and produce and…

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    Welcome to Producer to Producer

    Welcome to the ProducerToProducer.com website – a place to focus on issues and topics that support independent film producing. This is a hub to share reliable and relevant information to foster excellent work and cultivate positive values for the independent film community. Subjects pertaining to practical production and creative collaboration are at the forefront of what will be discussed and explored on this platform. Enjoy!